Mark, I saw you at the Ice House in Pasadena. Actually, I was one of the one's you hypnotized! I bought your weight loss CD. My husband has had seizures for 30 years and he had one the week before we saw you. He was the one with the seizure service dog. I noticed I am becoming more successful with how much I eat. But even more than that is it is such a relief to have that time of relaxation. My body is so tensed up when I start and by the time it ends it melts away. I am so thankful that we went to your show. It is changing my life!
Kryslynn Worlitz

My wife and I went to a show in Las Vegas in which Mark Sweet was a headliner. We were just looking for entertainment, but we found healing. I was a skeptic of hypnosis. I hold a Ph.D. and in my work I value things that I can quantify and statistically prove. I was sure that the persons on the stage were either a part of the act or too drunk not to know what was going on. So I was pleased that when Mark asked for volunteers that my wife was selected. I was confident that she was neither a plant or drunk. What I then observed amazed me. For about six months my wife had been suffering from a shoulder injury which severely limited her range of motion and caused constant pain. I noticed that while she was under hypnosis that she had full range of motion of that arm. So after the show we went up to Mark and shared that info with him. He then put her back under hypnosis and guided her with some statements about her arm. She immediately had full range of motion and no pain. I was so impressed by this that I immediately started reading about hypnotherapy and how that there are many validated studies in the medical community about the benefit of it. Since we live several states away from Mark, we are now seeing a hypnotherapist in our area. This was all due to the very genuine, helpful approach that Mark takes to his art.
-Dr. Mac Adkins

Mark, you've totally changed my life. Your Sweet Energy CD is a total blessing to so many of our students.
-Mirela Marinesco Holbert

Sleep, Stress, Success is a wonderfully amazing way to leave the stresses of the day behind and fall into a deeply relaxing and content state of mind and body. As a high-energy high school teacher, there are times when I need to calm my mind, rejuvenate my soul, and lose the tensions of the day...Sweet Energy is my answer! The CD brings with it balance and tranquility--I highly recommend it!
-Kelly Lillibridge

I was given your CD, Sweet Freedom. There are so many wonderful gifts it has given me, I don't know where to begin. I have been listening to it every day since I received it. It has brought a peace and calmness to my life, along with inspiration and motivation. It really entered my life at a most needed time, having just gone through the break up of a relationship. Listening to your CD has made going through this time of my life much easier and better. Thank you!
-Lois Hewitson

Your CDs have been an awesome catalyst to my new healthy lifestyle!!!! Thank you!!! In particular for me, the Trance Form and Sweet Energy CDs have been wonderful. The first day I received them I was excited to pop them in the CD player, and so on my way to church in the car with my husband and two boys ages 14 and 12 I did just that. We started listening to them, and we all individually have come away with something positive!! Thanks again--keep them coming!!
-Veronica Miranda

I have listened to many motivational speakers on audio CDs. When I listened to your CDs, I was struck by your intelligence and sincerity. It was easy for me to relax and listen to your suggestions because I trusted your voice. I knew that you were making suggestions that were actually going to make a positive difference in my life. Listening to your CDs left me with a clear understanding of my ability to create my own success. That is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!
-Robert Marcos

I just listened to your Sweet Energy CD and I really thought it was terrific. When I was diagnosed with MS all the books said that I should try and not have any stress in my life. I thought I should become a hermit or just never speak to anyone or listen to what they have to say to me! However, your CD put an interesting perspective on it and I am so glad that I heard it.
-Laurie Brodie Green

I was fortunate to receive personal hypnotherapy sessions from you when I lived in Southern California. When I moved out of state, I listened to my Sweet Energy cassette tape until I literally wore it out. I now have the CD which I listen to daily, and I've recommended it to all my friends. It helps me to relax, recharge, and deal with the stresses of life.
-Chuck Cogswell

You helped me to find the courage, peace, and confidence to become the best me I could be. It's a miracle you were able to help guide me to quit smoking after 24 years. You helped me access the tools necessary for a healthy life, and painted an amazing picture of what that looked like. You've helped me to find my real self again, and I'm forever grateful!
-Nicole LaLoggia

I've listened to your CDs a ton since receiving them. It's much easier to pop in the CD instead of attending a class (and less expensive, too)! I've listened to both Sweet Energy and Trance Form. Once the programs are done, I always feel great! I feel less stressed and more in tune with my body/mind connection. Some of the things you've said on the Trance Form CD have really helped me focus on what I put in my body and if it is needed/good/bad. I've even lost 5 pounds! Thanks for the inspiration!
-Anna Tobias

Let me tell you how your CD made a positive impact on my family. After 19 years of marriage, my husband had put on a significant amount of weight. The very day he listened to your CD, he only ate one piece of pizza for dinner when he normally would eat 3 to 4. He packed his lunch for work with a sandwich and fruit when he normally would have eaten fast food. He even packed celery and I haven't seen him eat a green vegetable in a long time! Overall, his eating habits have made a positive change for the better. And the best change of all, he no longer has the top of our fridge stacked with potato chips, cheese curls and baked goods! These junk foods were contributing to my two daughters overeating and getting dangerously overweight. I am very much looking forward to seeing what changes they make after listening to your CD! Thank you for everything!!
-Linda Hebig-Summy

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